Brighter Bites Donations

We help Brighter Bites distribute nutritious produce to communities in need.

What is Brighter Bites?

Brighter Bites is a non-profit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly to families, while teaching them how to use and choose a different kind of “fast food.”

By giving communities access to fresh, nutritious food and showing them how to make the most of it, Brighter Bites helps turn healthy habits into something even better: healthy lifestyles.

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How We Help Brighter Bites

Each week, a family receives two bags containing approximately 50 servings of fresh produce. This saves them an average of $34.30 per week.

The Coastal Companies Foundation helps Brighter Bites gather even more produce and food from our extensive network of growers and farmers.

The Coastal Companies Foundation uses our fleet of refrigerated trucks to get the produce donations into distribution.

Brighter Bites then teaches kids, parents, and teachers how to make the most of their produce, providing them with handbooks, weekly tip sheets, and recipes.

Thank you to all of our vendors that help make
this program possible